Dates for the finale of this year's orchestra concert, "20th Orchestra Concert HYDE KUROMISA 2021" confirmed!

It's been over two years since HYDE's birthday concert, "KUROMISA BIRTHDAY - WAKAYAMA -", was held in January 2019.

HYDE, who is currently on a nationwide tour to recreate and elevate his first solo album "ROENTGEN", has announced this year's dates for the overwhelmingly popular orchestra concert "KUROMISA".

The Makuhari show in October will be his first Halloween event in three years.  Fans won't want to miss these soirées where KUROMISA and Halloween collide.

And the finale of this year's orchestra concert will be held in Wakayama in November.

Why not take a ride on Nankai Electric Railway's "HYDE Southern" train produced by HYDE to Wakayama, which is scheduled to end its service in March 2022, to watch the culminating finale performance?


With his worldwide live streams, orchestra concerts, and HEIANJINGU performances, HYDE has continued to seek the best ways to stay active while putting a lot of thought and care into his shows during the pandemic.

On 10/17/2021, HYDE will celebrate his 20th anniversary as a solo artist, and will continue to lead the entertainment industry as Japan's top artist in both name and reality!


20th Orchestra Concert



[Date & Time]

20th Orchestra Concert HYDE KUROMISA 2021 Halloween

10/30/2021 Doors 4:00PM / Show 5:00PM

10/31/2021 Doors 4:00PM / Show 5:00PM

Chiba | Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 9, 10, 11

Inquiries: Disk Garage

050-5533-0888 (Weekdays 12:00PM - 3:00PM)


20th Orchestra Concert HYDE KUROMISA 2021 Wakayama

11/23/2021 Doors 4:00PM / Show 5:00PM

11/24/2021 Doors 6:00PM / Show 7:00PM

Wakayama | Wakayama Big Whale

Inquiries: Kyodo Information

0570-200-888 (11:00 - 16:00 except Sundays and holidays)



The Doors/Show times are tentative. They are subject to change.

There will be a dress code set for each performance as follows:

Halloween: Smart casual or Halloween costume (Because guests will be asked to remain seated in their assigned seats while they enjoy the performance, please do not wear a costume that may disturb the guests seated next to you, in front of you, or behind you.  Costumes that may be considered offensive to the public or indecent should also be avoided.)

Wakayama: Smart casual


[Seat type / Ticket price (tax included)]

All seats reserved.

- SS seats ¥30,800

- S seats   ¥16,500

- A seats   ¥13,200

*No admission for pre-school children or younger.

*Please remain seated throughout the show.

*Please note that you may be asked to provide personal information at the venue on the day of the show, as needed.

*Tickets are non-refundable unless the show is cancelled or postponed, or the organizer must void the tickets due to a change in the ticket sales limit.  Please be aware of this before purchasing tickets.


[General Ticket Sales]

9/18/2021 10:00AM


[Ticket pre-sale]


8/4/2021 6:00PM ~ 8/9/2021 11:59PM

■HYDE official mobile site HYDERoom

8/13/2021 6:00PM ~ 8/18/2021 11:59PM


*Pre-sale tickets will not be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.  If the number of applications exceeds the number of tickets available, a lottery will be held.

*All tickets sold to HYDEIST/HYDERoom members will be an "electronic ticket" issued by SKIYAKI TICKET.  Before arriving at the venue entrance on the day of the show, ticket holders must install the SKIYAKI TICKET app on their smartphone/tablet device and make sure that the SKIYAKI TICKET app is set up to properly display their tickets.

*HYDEIST and HYDERoom tickets can be purchased as long as the purchaser enrolls within the ticket sales period.  Please note that payments made through the convenience store systems may take up to 2 hours for the payment to be completed, so be sure to make your payment with ample time before the deadline.


[About this show]

Ticket sales for this tour will begin with the number of tickets available set at the maximum capacity in accordance with the guidelines of the local government and venue where the show will be held.

In the event that the maximum capacity for the venue must be reduced due to changes in the guidelines of the local/national government or the venue, there is a possibility that all tickets sold will be voided and refunded.

In such cases, tickets will be sold again with the number of tickets adjusted to the new capacity.

In addition, the following measures will be taken for these performances. Please be sure to review the following in advance.

Guidelines and Policies to Help Prevent the Spread of COVID-19:

The performance may be cancelled or postponed as necessary based on the government's policy.

20th Orchestra Concert HYDE KUROMISA 2021 event site: