"THE HYDE MONSTER SQUAD" and plum shochu "ANTIN" joining the merch line-up at HYDEPARK 2021!

Design of "THE HYDE MONSTER SQUAD" merch revealed!


The designs of "THE HYDE MONSTER SQUAD" original merch, featuring a large collection of characters created by HYDE and to be sold at HYDEPARK 2021, has been revealed.
This might be the only time you can see the miraculous gathering!?  Please check out the event site for a variety of cute original merch.
Some of the Japanese-style merch sold in the past will also be available for purchase.
And the EDYH yukata that fans were able to rent during the 20th Orchestra Concert 2021 HYDE HEIANJINGU will be displayed as well.



Plum shochu produced under HYDE's supervision, "ANTIN" will be available for purchase at HYDEPARK 2021!


The plum shochu produced under HYDE's careful watch and made with the famous Nanko-ume plums from Kishu Wakayama, "ANTIN" will be available for purchase at HYDEPARK.
HYDE named this plum shochu "安鎮"(ANTIN), wishing for a peaceful and tranquil world.
The alcohol content is set at "29%" to represent HYDE's birthday, January 29th.  It is the world's first shochu-type plum liquor, an "aromatic shochu" that is not sweet at all, leaving only the sweet aroma of the plums.
With zero sugar content, this adult beverage is gentle on the body and easy to drink, even for those who normally don't like the distinctive smell of shochu.
By mixing it with carbonated water, you can easily enjoy a delicious zero-sugar plum hard seltzer at home.  Also, because it is not sweet, it is the perfect drink to accompany your meal without overwhelming your palette.

ANTIN is a plum shochu created by HYDE, with his attention to detail down to the product name, quality, and design.

This product will be available for purchase in "WAKAYAMA GOURMET TOWN" at HYDEPARK 2021, which will be held from 10/8/2021.


HYDEPARK 2021 event website: https://hydepark2021.hyde.com