The cover design for Blu-ray / DVD "HYDE LIVE 2020-2021 ANTI WIRE" has been unveiled!


The cover design for the Live Blu-ray / DVD "HYDE LIVE 2020-2021 ANTI WIRE" to be released on 5/26/2021 has been revealed.


The cover design features HYDE sitting alone in deep thought with a mask over his mouth.  What kind of future will HYDE see when he looks up...the artwork leaves a strong impression.


Also, the detailed content of DISC 2 of the first release limited edition, which will contain a documentary video and never-before-seen concert footage, have been confirmed.

Centered around the interview where HYDE reveals his thoughts and feelings, the documentary includes scenes from "HYDE LIVE 2020 Jekyll & Hyde" (live-streamed shows held last year with a live audience complying with strict guidelines for preventing the spread of infection during the coronavirus pandemic), as well as rehearsal and backstage footage from this tour.  Watching this documentary will elevate your enjoyment of the main feature!

To make this first release limited edition even better, the never-before-seen footage will include footage of HYDE performing 5 songs from past tours, as well as other shows on this tour.

Together with the main feature on DISC1, this is an extremely valuable video that is well worth watching!


Live Blu-ray / DVD



From the "HYDE LIVE 2020-2021 ANTI WIRE" tour, which consisted of 11 shows held in 7 cities across Japan (Sapporo, Sendai, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka) to kick off the 20th anniversary of HYDE's solo career, a live performance at Tokyo International Forum on 1/31/2021 is now available on Blu-ray/DVD!.


Although this tour was advertised as an acoustic tour, it went far beyond the stereotypical framework of an acoustic live show and was held as an "acoustic live show where you can make a lot of noise without saying a word".


The setlist contained a wide variety of songs spanning from not only HYDE's solo career, but also hits from VAMPS, L'Arc~en~Ciel and cover songs.  And every song performed had been rearranged into new versions that took the music in a completely different direction from the original.  Some were given a funky groove or turned into a mellow citypop, and others went from an emotionally aggressive tune to a beautiful ballad.  There may never be another time where this much of HYDE's music rearranged in such innovative ways is performed... This video production contains footage from an invaluable show.