HYDE CHANNEL's next live stream on NicoNico Live will take place on 11/21/2021 (JST)!

The new single "FINAL PIECE" will finally be released on 11/24/2021 (JST).
During this episode, viewers will catch the very first glimpse of the documentary that will be included in the DVD before anyone else!
You might even see some top-secret footage that's not included in the documentary!?


And ahead of HYDE's triumphant return to his hometown with the "KUROMISA 2021 Wakayama" shows, HYDE himself will reveal the highlights and merch for his Wakayama shows!
To gear up for these shows, HYDE will also take us behind the scenes of "KUROMISA 2021 Halloween", a soiree combining KUROMISA and Halloween that took place in Makuhari last month.


This episode of HYDE CHANNEL will be a jam-packed double-feature worth watching from start to finish, so stay tuned!

Submissions are still being accepted for the popular segment where HYDE gives the viewers advice!

[Program info]
A triumphant return to Wakayama on the HYDE Southern! KUROMISA Wakayama Pre-show & "FINAL PIECE" RELEASE SP


[Broadcast Date (JST)]
11/21/2021 7:00PM~ Livestream (6:30PM ~ Music video screening starts)


[Appearance by]




6:30PM MV screening starts

Around 7:00PM HYDE joins the livestream


[Program page]


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[Get advice from HYDE!]

During the show, HYDE will give his advice to help resolve your problems!

Problems at work? At home? With friends? Or have questions about life in general? Send it in!

Messages will be selected at random and HYDE will respond to them live during the show.

We look forward to receiving your messages!

How to send your request for advice

1. Email

- Copy and paste the following into the subject field: HYDE CHANNEL メッセージ応募

- Then send the details of your problem to: niconico@indivisual.asia

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