An unprecedented fusion of the long history behind Heian Jingu Shrine, one of Kyoto's most treasured shrines, and an orchestral concert created by HYDE to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his solo activity: "20th Orchestra Concert 2021 HYDE HEIANJINGU".


HYDE will reveal his pre-show thoughts as final preparations are being made for the shows, which will be a cross between tradition and innovation, calm and wild.  And HYDE and EDYH will also chat about his collaboration with the "Since you are here, might as well have fun in Kyoto!" event.


During this episode, HYDE CHANNEL viewers will also get the very first look of the full music video for "NOSTALGIC", a song showcasing a new view of "calm" where HYDE's powerful yet heartrending voice blends with the magnificent world of sound created by the piano and strings of the orchestra, with commentary by HYDE himself!  HYDE will share behind-the-scenes stories of what went on during the filming of the music video that you won't hear anywhere else.

Lastly, submissions are still being accepted for the popular segment where HYDE gives the viewers advice during the livestream!

You don't want to miss this episode!

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"20th Orchestra Concert 2021 HYDE HEIANJINGU" Pre-show SP


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7/24/2021 7:00PM ~ Livestream (6:30PM ~ Music video screening starts)


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6:30PM MV Screening

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