HYDE LIVE 2020 Jekyll & Hyde – Paid Live Stream Ticket Sales


Please see below for information on how you can purchase the “View Only” tickets for the live streams of the “HYDE LIVE 2020 Jekyll & Hyde” shows that will take place at ZEPP HANEDA on September 5-7 and September 11-12.

Live Stream Show Dates

(All dates/time below are Japan Standard Time)

September 5, 2020 (Sat)   Acoustic Day

September 6, 2020 (Sun)   Acoustic Day

September 7, 2020 (Mon)   Acoustic Day

September 11, 2020 (Fri)   Rock Day

September 12, 2020 (Sat)   Rock Day


Weekdays: Doors open at 6:00pm / Show starts at 7:06pm

Weekends: Doors open at 4:00pm / Show starts at 5:06pm

** Times above are subject to change.


[Ticket Price]

4,500 JPY

  • The live stream will not be archived.

  • Because this will be a live stream, if you do not login on time, you may miss parts of the show.

  • The ticket is non-refundable unless the show itself is cancelled or postponed.

  • If the government issues new orders or regulations that call for cancellation or postponement of events, the show schedule will be adjusted accordingly.


[Ticket Sales]

Start Date:

August 22, 2020 (Sat) 6:00pm-


End Dates:

Weekday Shows: 8:00pm on the day of the show

Weekend Shows: 6:00pm on the day of the show

Purchase Limit: One ticket per person, per show

Purchase Tickets Here: https://ticket.skiyaki.tokyo/event_groups/hydelive2020ldo

How to purchase tickets:

  • You will need access to the SKIYAKI TICKET app to use your ticket and the SHOWROOM website/app to view the actual live stream!!We strongly suggest checking to make sure you are able to access BOTH of these services from the country you are located in, BEFORE purchasing your tickets!Tickets cannot be refunded for accessibility issues…

  • Tickets are to be purchased through the SKIYAKI TICKET website, and the serial code to view the live stream will be issued on the SKIYAKI TICKET app.You will need a smartphone or tablet to issue the purchased ticket.

  • If you are a first-time user of SKIYAKI TICKET, please register on their website and download their app.Please ensure that you are able to use the SKIYAKI TICKET app by signing-up, installing the app, and logging in to both their website and app.

    • If you are using a device on a domestic carrier in Japan, please note that numbers starting with 050 cannot go through the verification process via SMS message.

  • How to sign-up for SKIYAKI TICKET

    • Your smartphone must have iOS9/Android4.4 or later installed, and the ability to receive SMS messages.

    • Go to the sign-up page and enter your email address and a password: https://ticket.skiyaki.tokyo/users/sign_up

    • A confirmation email will be sent to the address you registered with, so follow the prompts in that email to complete your registration.

    • An SMS message will be sent to the phone number you have registered with, so enter the 6-digit PIN into the registration screen on the website.

    • Download the iOS/Android app for SKIYAKI TICKET on your smartphone/tablet.

    • Login on the app using the same login information you used for the website.

  • How to purchase your ticket

    • Go to the ticket sales website: https://ticket.skiyaki.tokyo/event_groups/hydelive2020ldo

    • Select a show date.Then click “Apply”.By clicking “Apply”, you agree that you have read the following:

      • Only one ticket per person, per show

      • This is a ticket to view the live stream.The stream will not be archived.So if you happen to login after the show has started, you will miss a portion of the show.

      • There is a time lag between the time you purchase your ticket until the serial code to view the live stream will be issued on the SKIYAKI TICKET app: up to 10min for credit card purchases, up to 30min for payments made at a convenience store kiosk (in Japan), and as long as a full day for PayPal purchases.So please purchase tickets in advance.

      • PayPal payments will be accepted until Aug. 31st.If you are purchasing your ticket on or after Sept. 1st, you will not be able to use PayPal for payment.

      • Ticket is non-transferable and cannot be re-sold.

      • A ticketing fee of 550 JPY will be applied.

    • Select the number of tickets (“1”), then click “Confirm the details below”.

    • Confirm that the details are correct, then click “Confirm the information and buy the tickets”.

    • Enter your payment information and click “Next”.

    • Verify that all details are correct, then click “Pay”.

    • Once the purchase is complete, you will receive a confirmation email at the address you have registered with SKIYAKI TICKET.

    • Open the SKIYAKI TICKET app and check that the ticket(s) you have purchased are reflected in the app.The serial code that you need in order to access the live stream will be displayed in the SKIYAKI TICKET app.It may take some time (5-10min if you paid with a credit card) for the serial code to appear, so please do not wait until the last minute to purchase tickets.

    • Please make sure you can receive emails from the “@ticket.skiyaki.tokyo” domain.We will not be held responsible for blocked emails.

    • Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable once purchased.

  • How to display your e-ticket serial code

    • Open the SKIYAKI TICKET app on your smartphone/tablet and login.

    • The tickets you have purchased will be displayed.

    • Tap on the ticket you wish to view/use to display the QR code.You will see the serial code displayed under the QR code.

  • How to view the live stream

    • The paid live stream can be viewed on the SHOWROOM website (access from your computer) and on the SHOWROOM app (access from your smartphone).Please register for the free SHOWROOM account in advance.

    • Enter the serial code from your SKIYAKI TICKET app into the field.


      • Once a serial code is used, it cannot be used in another SHOWROOM account.

      • You can enter the serial code before the live stream begins.Please enter the code ahead of the scheduled start time and wait for the show to begin so you don’t miss anything.

      • To enter the serial code, you will need to log into the SHOWROOM app (iOS or Android) or onto the website on your computer.

      • The serial code will be displayed on your SKIYAKI TICKET app before the show date.

      • If someone else gains access to your serial code, you will not be able to use it, so please do not share it with anyone.

      • If you switch devices or browsers after you have entered the serial code, you will not be able to use it, so please view the live stream from the device you have initially entered the serial code into.

      • One serial code will be issued per ticket. It can only be used once.And will not be re-issued, to avoid unauthorized use.

      • Request for support on the day of the show for problems such as “I cannot login” or “I cannot display/issue my serial code” cannot be accommodated.So please make sure you are able to login for SKIYAKI TICKET and SHOWROOM, and find your serial code(s) as early as possible.

      • Viewing the live stream will use a significant amount of data, so we recommend using a stable internet connection (such as Wi-Fi).

      • Recording of any portion of the live stream and/or posting it on social media, etc. is strictly prohibited.

      • Please note that technical difficulties resulting in momentary lags, poor video/audio quality, delays in streaming, etc. may occur.

      • Data rates may apply to view the live stream and such costs are the responsibility of the viewer.

      • Viewing the live stream from outside of Japan:

        • If you have access to a stable internet connection and the SHOWROOM website or app, then you will be able to view the live stream.

        • However, network restrictions or security levels in your country may limit access to this platform and/or the SKIYAKI TICKET website/app.