HYDEPARK 2021 has been confirmed!

This year marks the 20th anniversary of HYDE's solo career, and HYDEPARK, which was held in 2019 to great acclaim, is back!
HYDEPARK 2021 will be held at Zepp Haneda (TOKYO) located at the gateway into Tokyo, and the venue will be renamed HYDEPARK (Zepp Haneda) during the 14 days!
The venue will be divided into four towns, "HYDEIST TOWN", "MARKET TOWN", "CINEMA TOWN", "WAKAYAMA GOURMET TOWN", where you can enjoy a wide variety of content.

In addition, payment in the venue will be by credit card or public transit e-money cards only as part of the preventive measures, so guests can feel safe and secure.


Ticket sales for this event will be limited to the capacity in accordance with the guidelines of the local government and the venue.

In addition, the following measures will be taken for the event.  Please be sure to read the following in advance.


Measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection and requests to customers: https://www.hydexxx.com/to-prevent-the-spread-of-covid-19


The event may be canceled or postponed, as necessary, to comply with the government's policies at the time.





[Date & Time (JST)]
10/8/2021 - 10/23/2021 *14 days in total
Daytime Session: 12:00PM - 4:00PM

Evening Session: 5:00PM - 9:00PM

Closed on Mondays (10/11, 10/18)



HYDEPARK (Zepp Haneda)



300 people each

*In consideration of the countermeasures against COVID-19, the capacity will be limited to 25% of the venue's total capacity.


All seats unreserved ¥4,500 (tax included / numbered / drinks not included)

*Regardless of age, one ticket per person is required for admission.


[Ticket pre-sale]
・HYDE official fan club "HYDEIST".

・HYDE official mobile site "HYDERoom


Ticket application schedule (JST)
9/15/2021 7:00PM - 9/20/2021 11:59PM

Tickets will be sold on SKIYAKI TICKET on a first-come, first-served basis.


[General ticket sales].

9/25/2021 10:00AM






Here you will feel like you've wandered into the world of the "20th Orchestra Tour HYDE ROENTGEN 2021" picture book pamphlet.
You will go through a maze of huge panels with pictures from the pamphlet while listening to HYDE's reading (recording).

It is a dreamlike space where the story of the picture book progresses with HYDE's reading (recording).


◆Costume Exhibition Area
The costumes from "20th Orchestra Tour HYDE ROENTGEN 2021", the birdcage from the stage and the guitar HYDE plays in "evergreen" will be displayed.

And in the exhibit for "20th Orchestra Concert 2021 HYDE HEIANJINGU" guests can enjoy the projection mapping images that were projected at the actual concert.


The stage set of "HYDE LIVE 2020-2021 ANTI WIRE" will be reproduced in half scale. You can take a photo with the stage set in the background!

*As part of the COVID-19 countermeasures,guests may not touch the display.



The desk used in HYDE CHANNEL and EDYH will be on display.
There will also be a service where you can enter the set, have your photo taken by a photographer, and purchase the photo!
*A separate fee of ¥1,000 (tax included) will be charged for this service.

*To avoid overcrowding inside the "HYDEIST TOWN" area, admission may be restricted.





An exhibit of products straight from Wakayama, which was very popular in "HYDEPARK 2019", is back!
Guests can expect to see a variety of delicious treats from Wakayama like the Green Soft (a local brand of green tea ice cream) assortment set, seasoned seaweed and natto (HYDE loves these), just to name a few.
In addition, new merch collaborating with Gyokurin-en's mascot "Gurin-chan" is expected to be available at this event.


*In order to prevent infections, there will be no dine-in service.

*If you have a ticket for the day, you can visit the shop at any time during the opening hours, but there may be restrictions on the time of purchase depending on the product.

*Those who purchase ¥2,000 (tax included) or more at the exhibit of Wakayama products will receive a HYDEPARK original shopping bag!


<Precautions for WAKAYAMA GOURMET TOWN 2021>
Only cashless payment will be accepted at WAKAYAMA GOURMET TOWN.
Please note that cash cannot be accepted.

Details of the payment method will be announced at a later date.





In commemoration of the 20th anniversary, "THE HYDE MONSTERS SQUAD" original merch featuring the large collection of characters created by HYDE will be available for sale.  Will this be the only time they all gather in one place!?  Guests can look forward to a lot of cute original merch!

For every purchase of ¥20,000 (including tax) or more of "THE HYDE MONSTERS SQUAD" original merch, guests will receive one "THE HYDE MONSTERS SQUAD" original shopping bag as a gift while supplies last!



Pre-sales of a new design of the popular hoodies and T-shirts from SWITCHBLADE will be available at HYDEPARK 2021.



In addition to the sale of merch currently on sale at "20th Orchestra Tour HYDE ROENTGEN 2021", guests will get a first look at and can place an order for a limited edition HYDE RUN figure.



The men's skincare series "MATIN", for which HYDE is the image model, will be available.  The products available will be: face wash, lotion, milky lotion, hair wax and mouthwash.


<Precautions for MARKET TOWN>
Only credit cards and public transit e-money cards will be accepted for payment in the MARKET TOWN area.
Please note that cash payments will not be accepted.
In general, merch sold at MARKET TOWN will be sold using the "HYDE LIVE GOODS" app.
The "HYDE LIVE GOODS" is an app used for creating an order list, and it is not meant for securing, pre-paying, or mail-ordering merch on the order list.
Please note that supplies are limited for all merch, so there is a possibility that the items on your order list will be sold out by the time of your purchase.
As a countermeasure against COVID-19, only orders/cashless payment using the app will be accepted in order to minimize conversation and contact between guest and staff.

If you are planning to purchase merch at the venue, please download the app.
If you are unable to download the app, please place your order directly with the staff at the merch counter.


Visit below to download the app.

App Store: https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/hyde-live-goods/id1571005094

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.jp.verch.hyde


Recommended system requirements: Latest version of iOS, Android 6.0 or later, and Chrome 80 or higher installed on the device.

For details on how to use the app, please check the app.


Payment method for MARKET TOWN
●Credit card payment (VISA / Master / JCB / AMEX / Diners Club / Discover)

*Only credit cards registered in the "HYDE LIVE GOODS" app can be used.

●Payment by public transit e-money cards (Kitaca / Suica / PASMO / TOICA / manaca / ICOCA / SUGOCA / nimoca / Hayakaken)
*E-money cards cannot be loaded at the merch counter, so please check your balance and reload your account in advance. 


Your cooperation in cashless transactions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 would be greatly appreciated.


About online order
The details about whether these items will be available in our online stores have not been decided yet.

*If you have a ticket for the day, you can visit the area at any time during opening hours, but there may be restrictions on the time of purchase for some items.






◆Screening of HYDEPARK exclusive videos
Special HYDEPARK-exclusive videos will be screened.
[A] Heian Jingu Documentary
[B] 20th Orchestra Tour HYDE ROENTGEN 2021 Documentary
[C] HYDE Hot Spring Travelogue


<Screening Schedule>

*Each video is 45 minutes long / The same video is scheduled to be shown twice during one session.

*Please remain seated throughout the screening on the second floor.  All seats will be un-reserved seating.


◆All visitors will receive a free A5 size (A4 folded in half) pamphlet.
◆During the event, "Zepp Haneda (TOKYO)" will be shown as "HYDEPARK (Zepp Haneda)" on Google Map, so be sure to check it out!

◆A video message to HYDE will be recorded at the venue.  Please come and join us (recording of the messages will be done with infection control measures in mind).



There will be no performances by HYDE.
A ticket is required to visit all areas.


[For inquiries, please contact]

Disk Garage 050-5533-0888 (Weekdays 12:00PM - 3:00PM)


[HYDEPARK 2021 special website]