The prizes for MONSTERS CHANCE have been announced!

The prizes for MONSTERS CHANCE, a lottery style giveaway campaign for those who purchase HYDE's new single LET IT OUT (physical CD), have been confirmed!

● A course

Online drinking party with HYDE! - 100 winners

Winners will be invited to join the online event which will be held on 2/20/2021 (JST).


[Schedule (JST)]
Group 1   17:00 ~
Group 2   18:00 ~
Group 3   19:00 ~
Group 4   20:00 ~
・Winners will be randomly placed in one of the groups above.  
・This online drinking party will be held on SHOWROOM Arena (β).
・A serial code is required to participate in this online drinking party.
・The assigned time slot and the serial code to join the event will be sent on 2/18/2021 (JST) to the winner's registered e-mail address.

・Detailed information for this event will be sent only to the winners.


● B course
An autographed LET IT OUT promo poster - 100 winners


★ All 200 winners will also receive a digital wallpaper!


[How to apply]
Please visit the entry site noted on the MONSTERS CHANCE insert enclosed in the CD case of LET IT OUT.
※The serial number enclosed with the CD is required to enter for MONSTERS CHANCE.
※Serial numbers are included in both the first press limited edition and the regular edition.

※The serial numbers will be enclosed in the first shipment of the CDs.


[Entry period]

11/25/2020 11:00AM ~ 11/30/2020 11:00AM (JST)


[Important information for those entering for "A course"]

・Winners will need to attend the online drinking party using a PC browser.  In addition, a web camera & microphone (or a computer equipped with these) are required.
・You will not be able to join the event on a smartphone or tablet.
・An example of an ideal environment for smooth streaming: one where you can use a video call service (like ZOOM or Google Meet) while viewing content on SHOWROOM.  

・Winners must use the latest version of Google Chrome.  (The event may not stream properly in other browsers.)
・Only 1 PC can participate in SHOWROOM Arena (β) with each serial code.
・Only the winner may use SHOWROOM Arena (β).  The prize is non-transferrable.
・If the event organizer determines that your video call is inappropriate in any way, your account may be banned.
・If anything in your video call prevents the smooth progress of the event, and/or makes other participants or the artist uncomfortable, you may be asked to leave the event.  Please note that once you leave, you cannot enter the call again.
・You can participate from overseas as long as you can use SHOWROOM on your PC, but please make sure you are using a stable device and internet connection.  In addition, there is the possibility that you will not be able to participate depending on the internet security settings in your area/country.  Please confirm that you can watch other streams in SHOWROOM in advance.


Other instructions:
・Only the winners can participate in this event.  Entering the event with more than one person is prohibited.
・If it is deemed that a winner has allowed family/friends to participate in the event with them, they will be asked to leave the event.
・Winners must register to use SHOWROOM.
・Taking video/photos of the streaming content or posting them on social media is strictly prohibited.
・Data charges incurred while participating in the event on SHOWROOM Arena (β) will be the winner's responsibility.
・A large amount of internet data will be required, so using a stable internet connection (such as Wi-Fi) is strongly recommended.
・SHOWROOM Arena (β) may not be available in your area.
・Please note that delays may occur due to unforeseen circumstances.
・In the event that a winner is unable to watch/participate in SHOWROOM Arena (β), there will be no compensation or make-up of the event.
・Please note that the event organizer cannot honor requests for time slot changes.
・In the event that a winner cannot participate in the assigned time slot, they cannot transfer the serial code to someone else or change the time slot, and refunds of any kind will not be offered.  If the event organizer finds that a serial code has been transferred or resold, the participant (non-winner) attempting to use that code will be denied access.  
・Winners will be asked to present a photo identification on the day of the event. Details such as the types of identification that will be accepted will be sent directly to winners at a later date.
・Obviously, participants are not required to consume alcoholic beverages during the event.  Alcohol consumption by minors is strictly prohibited.

・This event may be cancelled due to severe weather, disaster, and other inevitable circumstances.  There will not be a make-up event if that happens.


[Important information about entering for MONSTERS CHANCE]
・You can only enter for MONSTERS CHANCE from a smartphone.  You cannot enter from a PC, feature phone, or tablet.
・You can only apply for MONSTERS CHANCE once per serial number.  Once a serial number is used to enter, it cannot be used again.
・If you have multiple copies of the CD (and therefore, have more than one serial number), you may enter more than once.
・Serial numbers cannot be reissued for any reason.
・The event organizer is not responsible for any data charges incurred while submitting your entry.
・Please ensure you have good internet connection/reception when submitting your entry.
・You may be asked to register with your personal information when submitting your entry and/or to claim your prize.