【KUROMISA 2021】Pre-sale of select merch has been confirmed!

The pre-sale of select official merch for the 20th Orchestra Concert HYDE KUROMISA 2021 has been confirmed.


This year's KUROMISA is an orchestra concert with a dress code.

We have prepared items that can be worn at the Halloween and Wakayama shows.


A gothic HYDE logo patterned dress shirt.

An original design lace vest filled with the HYDE logo.


How about wearing matching outfits with your loved ones for the finale of this year's orchestra concert, the KUROMISA shows?

Those who purchase through the online pre-sale will receive their orders before the Makuhari show!


[Online pre-sale period (JST)]
10/1/2021 6:00PM ~ 10/10/2021 11:59PM
*Quantity is limited for the pre-sale.  Sales may end sooner than the date indicated if the number of orders reach the planned quantity limits.


Please check the event website for the order period and product details.

20th Orchestra Concert HYDE KUROMISA 2021 event website: