【KUROMISA Halloween】Cloakroom/dressing room information

Information about the cloakroom/dressing room for the 20th Orchestra Concert HYDE KUROMISA 2021 Halloween to be held at Makuhari Messe on 10/30/2021 and 10/31/2021 has been posted.

Please wear non-woven masks while inside the venue, and in case of rain, please use the umbrella bags provided at the venue so as not to bring wet umbrellas into the venue.



Each day: 12:00PM ~ 1 hour after the show

[Cloakroom/dressing room fee]
Fee: ¥1,000 (tax included)

No in-and-out privileges. Do not check in any valuables.


* Access to the dressing room is limited to those who utilize the cloakroom service.  Guests will have access to the dressing room after the show as well.

* Changing in public areas such as the lobby, concourse, and restrooms is strictly prohibited.

* Please keep your masks on while using the dressing room, and refrain from talking.

* The dressing room is expected to get crowded.  Please be considerate of others by keeping your belongings compact and changing in a timely manner.

* In general, personal belongings must be placed in the bags sold at the cloakroom (45L size available for ¥1,000/bag, must be able to close the bag).  Larger items that do not fit in these bags (ex: umbrellas, bags, baby strollers, etc.) can also be checked in.

* There are no in-and-out privileges once items are checked into the cloakroom, so please be very careful not to leave your concert ticket or cloakroom claim tag in your checked bags.

* The service provider is not responsible for your items, so please do not check-in any valuables and keep them on your person at all times.

* Guests must pick-up their items on the day of the show.  Any unclaimed items at the end of the show dates will be disposed of at the service provider's discretion.

* Please be sure to hold on to the cloakroom claim tag.  If a claim tag cannot be presented to pick-up checked items, the guest will be asked to wait until all other items have been claimed.

* The venue's existing lockers will not be available for use on the day of these shows.

For more details, please visit the event website: https://kuromisa2021.hyde.com/halloween/