【KUROMISA Wakayama】Guest appearance by Nami Tamaki confirmed!

Nami Tamaki will perform as a guest vocalist at the 20th Orchestra Concert HYDE KUROMISA 2021 Wakayama, which will be held at Wakayama Big Whale on 11/23/2021 and 11/24/2021 (JST).

These shows that will mark HYDE's triumphant return to his hometown, and will be the culmination of all his 2021 orchestra shows, will be graced by a collaboration between two vocalists from Wakayama.


On the day of the show, a "HYDE Special Ad Truck" will be making its rounds throughout Wakayama City.
The "HYDE Southern" and "Medetai Densha Kashira" trains in collaboration with Nankai Electric Railway are also still in service!

Be sure to check out the trains and keep an eye out for the HYDE truck when you attend the Wakayama shows.



20th Orchestra Concert

HYDE KUROMISA 2021 Wakayama


[Date and time of the show (JST)]

11/23/2021 Doors open 4:00PM / Show starts 5:00PM

11/24/2021 Doors open 6:00PM / Show starts 7:00PM
Wakayama|Wakayama Big Whale
Inquiries: Kyodo Information

0570-200-888 (11:00AM ~ 4:00PM except Sundays and holidays)

The Doors/Show times are tentative.  They are subject to change.

There will be a dress code for this event.  Please attend in smart casual attire.


[Guest Vocalist]

Nami Tamaki


[Seats / Ticket Price (tax included)]
All seats reserved.
- SS seats ¥30,800
- S seats ¥16,500
- A seats ¥13,200

*No admission for pre-school children or younger.
*Please remain seated throughout the show.
*Please note that you may be asked to provide personal information at the venue on the day of the show, as needed.

*Tickets are non-refundable unless the show is cancelled or postponed, or the organizer must void the tickets due to a change in the ticket sales limit.  Please be aware of this before purchasing tickets.


For more information or to purchase tickets, please visit the event website: https://kuromisa2021.hyde.com/wakayama/