Special Content from HYDE LIVE 2020-2021 ANTI WIRE Now Available Exclusively for Fan Club Members!

Special content from HYDE LIVE 2020-2021 ANTI WIRE is now available for HYDE fan clubs!

These are only available for a limited time, so fan club members, don't miss out!


●HYDE Official Fan Club "HYDEIST" 

Members can catch a glimpse of what HYDE is like just moments before going on stage!


※ The site will be updated after the show is finished.
※ TODAY'S STAGE-READY HYDE is exclusive content for HYDEIST members.
※ You will need to log into HYDEIST to view this special content.


●HYDE Official Mobile Site "HYDERoom"
Members can download exclusive photos from that day's show!

Link to "TODAY'S HYDE": https://m.hyde.com/photos/wallpaper/gallery

For each show of this tour, photos will be made available for a very limited time.  Photos from that day's show will be uploaded shortly after the show has ended and will be available for download until 3:00pm the following day.  (All times are in Japan Time)  


Photos will not be available outside of the time frame noted above, so don't miss out!

※ TODAY'S HYDE is exclusive content for HYDERoom members.
※ You will need to log into HYDERoom to access this special content.
※ Once the photos are taken down at 3:00pm on the day after a show, they will not be uploaded again, and individual requests to have them sent cannot be honored, so please be sure to access the special content within the specified time frame.

※ The special tour content pages provided in the links above both exclusive to members.
※ Sharing any member exclusive content (photos/articles/etc.), in whole or in part, on any online platform violates the terms and conditions of these sites and is strictly prohibited.   

※ Finally, in the event that show(s) must be cancelled or postponed to comply with the government's management policies, uploading of these special content may also be cancelled.