HYDE CHANNEL's next live stream on NicoNico will take place on 1/29/2022 (JST)!

The year 2022 is finally here.
The date for HYDE CHANNEL's next live stream has been set for his upcoming birthday!

The upcoming live stream will feature a variety of special events for a very special day.
Let's celebrate HYDE's birthday together again this year!

Submissions are still being accepted for the popular segment where HYDE gives the viewers advice!
This time, HYDE will also be checking his Twitter feed in real-time during the program!
HYDE may appear on your timeline and reply directly to you?
Will he get a lot of comments!?
Stay tuned!


[Program Information]
~Will HYDE get a lot of Bday comments!?~

[Broadcast Date (JST)]
1/29/2022 7:00PM ~
(6:30PM ~ Music video screening starts)

[Appearance by]

6:30PM MV screening starts
Around 7:00PM HYDE joins the show 

[Program page]

*Parts of the program will be available to members only.
*HYDE CHANNEL members can watch the entire program.
*Please subscribe to HYDE CHANNEL to watch the entire program: https://ch.nicovideo.jp/hydeofficial/join

[Get advice from HYDE!]
During the show, HYDE will give his advice to help resolve your problems!
Problems at work? At home? With friends? Or have questions about life in general?  Send it in!
Messages will be selected at random and HYDE will respond to them live during the show.
We look forward to receiving your messages!

How to send your request for advice
1. Email
- Copy and paste the following into the subject field: HYDE CHANNEL メッセージ応募
- Then send the details of your problem to: niconico@indivisual.asia
- Be sure to include your nickname/pseudonym so HYDE knows what to call you during the show!

2. Twitter
- Follow @HYDECHANNEL https://twitter.com/hydechannel
- Include the following in your tweet: #ASKHYDE @hydeofficial_ @HYDECHANNEL