HYDE's newest song ON MY OWN will be the ending theme for the TV anime "MARS RED"!

HYDE's upcoming song ON MY OWN will be the ending theme for the TV anime "MARS RED" (originally written by Bun-o Fujisawa), which is the first ever anime adaptation of a dramatic stage reading play!  ON MY OWN will also be available on online music sites from 4/9/2021.


TV anime "MARS RED" is a story of the Japanese government's anti-vampire agency "The 16th Special Task Force - a.k.a. Code Zero", set in the Taisho era.

The 16th Special Task Force, commonly known as "Code Zero," was established within the army to recruit or capture vampires who have been living in hiding in this world since ancient times, drinking human blood under the cover of darkness.  Tonight, the team faces the wandering vampires again...


As the story of "Code Zero" progresses through the night of Taisho Romanticism, HYDE's new song ON MY OWN, which sounds sad at times and aggressive in others as if to sympathize with the emotions of the vampires, adds flair to the ending of the anime.

The TV anime will start airing on Yomiuri TV, TOKYO MX, Chukyo TV, and other stations from 4/5/2021 (JST)!


And as a preview of the series, a new teaser clip for the anime featuring ON MY OWN was released on YouTube today, so be sure to check it out!


[Anime Teaser Clip featuring ON MY OWN]

[What is the dramatic stage reading play "MARS RED"?]

"MARS RED" is a very popular dramatic stage reading play written and directed by playwright Bun-o Fujisawa (known as the leading expert of dramatic stage reading play creation and has released numerous successful plays), with original character designs done by the popular manga artist Karakarakemuri.

The play was performed in 2013 and 2015.



One night in 1923 (12th year of Taisho era), they arrived in Tokyo.

They are called vampires, and have been hiding in this world since ancient times, blending in with the darkness to sip human blood.

In order to crack down on them, the 16th Special Task Force, commonly known as "Code Zero," was established within the army, mainly consisting of vampires.

Lieutenant General Nakajima originally created this unit in order to counter the information warfare of the rapidly modernizing powers, but it has since been reassigned, and now Code Zero's mission is to deal with cases involving vampires lurking in the darkness of Tokyo.


Code Zero consists of...

Colonel Yoshinobu Maeda, the leader of Code Zero.

Shutaro Kurusu, a kind-hearted A-class vampire who has become one of the strongest in Japan.

Tokuichi Yamagami, a former elite who has fallen from grace when he became a non-ranking vampire.

Suwa, a long-time vampire who has lived since the Edo period.

Takeuchi, a mad scientist who rejoices in a brain that never ages.

ーーThese are the members of the Code Zero team.

The ever-increasing number of vampires, the shadows that lie behind the scenes, and the mysterious artificial blood "Ascra".

And the one who watches over everything taking place from a distance is the S-class vampire Deffrot, who looks like a child even though he is over 300 years old.

Frailty, thy name is Vampire.

The Code Zero team will run through the night of Taisho Romance.


[Broadcast Information]

Yomiuri TV: Every Monday from 4/5/2021 25:59~.

TOKYO MX: Every Wednesday from 4/7/2021 22:00~

Chukyo TV:  Every Thursday from 4/8/2021 25:37~

BS Fuji: Every Wednesday from 4/7/2021 24:30~

CS Family Gekijo: Every Sunday from 4/11/2021 23:30~

*Broadcast schedule is subject to change.

*Broadcast schedule is in JST.


・Official anime website: marsred.tv

・Official project portal site: marsred-pj.net

・Official Anime Twitter: @marsredtv


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