Announcement regarding refunds for the upcoming HYDE LIVE 2020-2021 ANTI WIRE shows in Nagoya (1/9 - 1/10)

The shows at Nagoya Congress Center Century Hall (1/9/2021 - 1/10/2021) for the HYDE LIVE 2020-2021 ANTI WIRE are planned to be held as scheduled at this point.
We ask the HYDE fans who will be attending the shows to please follow the rules that are put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19; such as wearing a mask, sanitizing your hands, and maintaining social distancing.
For any upcoming shows, they may be cancelled or postponed as needed depending on the policies set by the Japanese government for COVID-19 in the future.
Moreover, the shows are scheduled to be held for now, but a refund for the ticket will be granted to those who want to cancel attending the shows in consideration of COVID-19.  Since the refund process varies based on where you purchased your tickets, please check the following information and complete the refund process within the period below.

[About Merch]

The merch which you ordered in advance is in "reservation" mode and payment has not been processed yet, so your pre-order "reservation" will be automatically canceled if you do not appear at the venue to process payment and pick-up your order.
Payment can only be completed when the merch is handed over to you in person, so currently, there is no delivery option.
The merch will be available for purchase in the online store after all shows are over.  Please consider purchasing these items online at that time if you are unable to attend the shows.



[About the Ticket Refund]

Refunds for tickets to the shows at Nagoya Congress Center Century Hall are available.

*Full-price of your ticket will be refunded.


< Refund Period >

* Please note, refund period varies based on the show dates and where you purchased your ticket!


• HYDEIST pre-sales / HYDERoom pre-sales / SKIYAKI TICKET resale

For the show on 1/9/2021: 1/6/2021 6PM ~ 1/9/2021 11:59PM

For the show on 1/10/2021: 1/6/2021 6PM ~ 1/10/2021 11:59PM


• Pre-sales on sites other than the ones listed above / general sales

For the show on 1/9/2021: 1/7/2021 10AM ~ 1/9/2021 11:59PM

For the show on 1/10/2021: 1/7/2021 10AM ~ 1/10/2021 11:59PM


* Please process your refund using the form below within the refund period that applies to your ticket.

* Requests for refunds outside of the refund periods listed above cannot be honored.

* The refund process varies depending on where you purchased your ticket, so please follow the instructions that apply to your ticket.

* For those with a paper ticket: the ticket must still be intact to receive a refund.  If the stub has been removed, refunds cannot be issued.

* Refunds cannot be issued at the venue.


< Refund Process >

*Please note, the process varies depending on where you originally purchased your ticket!


• HYDEIST pre-sales / HYDERoom pre-sales / SKIYAKI TICKET resale  

Each show date has a different form.

Once you apply for the ticket refund, you cannot cancel the request for any reason.


Form for the show on 1/9/2021:


Form for the show on 1/10/2021:


If you have purchased multiple tickets, please select the number of tickets you would like to receive refunds for.  

Only the person who has purchased the tickets can request the refund within the period (i.e. if one person bought tickets for a group of friends, only that person can place the request).  


Once your application is received and it is confirmed that you are eligible for a refund, a postal transfer withdrawal document will be sent to you after mid-March. Please bring the postal transfer withdrawal document and your ID to the service counter at a Japan Post Bank branch or the banking window at a post office to exchange it for cash. The Postal Savings Office will send this document in a green envelope to the address you enter in the ticket refund application form.


• For fans who have purchased tickets at Ticket Pia - Those who have already issued tickets at the ticket counter: Please bring your ticket to the store where it was issued to complete the refund process. (The name of the store where you purchased the ticket is indicated on the bottom left of the ticket.) Please note that business hours vary depending on the store. - Those who have selected Cloak pickup and your ticket has not been issued yet:

Please go to your list of tickets on Cloak and follow the refund procedure. Please check the following link for the details of the refund procedure. Ticket Pia:

• For fans who have purchased tickets at Lawson Ticket Please bring your show ticket and the ticket (receipt) for the handling fees with you and complete the refund process at the "Loppi" machine in the store. If you purchased your tickets at Lawson, please go to a Lawson, and if you purchased your tickets at Ministop, please go to a Ministop. Refunds can be completed at any location of the convenience store where you picked up your tickets. If you would like a refund and have not yet issued the ticket, please go to a "Loppi" machine located in the store to issue the ticket first, and then go through the refund process. If you had your tickets delivered to you, please go to the nearest Lawson store to receive your refund. Please note that only the ticket price will be refunded if you have lost the ticket (receipt) for the handling fees. Lawson Ticket:

• For fans who have purchased tickets through "e-plus" Refund instructions vary depending on how you received your ticket and the payment method used. Please refer to the refund instruction chart for details: Refunds can be processed at convenience stores after 10:00AM on the second day after the ticket is issued. If your ticket has not been issued, please fill out the application form sent to you from e-plus. e-plus:


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