【ROENTGEN 2021】 Exclusive tour contents for fan club members!

HYDE official fan club "HYDEIST" and HYDE official mobile site "HYDERoom" will start posting exclusive content for the 20th Orchestra Tour HYDE ROENTGEN 2021 starting today. 

Fan Club members, enjoy these exclusive photos along with the tour! 



HYDE official fan club "HYDEIST"


"TODAY'S STAGE-READY HYDE" will start exclusively for HYDEIST members!
Continuing from the last tour, new photos of HYDE taken right before each show as he prepares to go on stage will be posted, and maybe we will even see some selfies this time.

Each photo will be posted with a comment from HYDE, so be sure to check it out!


*"TODAY'S STAGE-READY HYDE" is contents for HYDEIST members only.

*Photos will be updated after the show.



HYDE official mobile site "HYDERoom"


"TODAY'S HYDE" is now available exclusively for HYDERoom members!
You can download HYDE's concert photos on the day of the show.
The photos will be posted on the "Gallery" page of the HYDERoom website just after the end of the show and will be available through 3:00PM the next day (JST), so don't miss it!

*"TODAY'S HYDE" is for HYDERoom paid members only.
*Photos will not be re-posted after the posting period is over and requests to have photos emailed individually will not be honored, so please use the contents within the posting period.


These contents will not be posted if the show is cancelled or postponed due to the government's basic COVID-19 policy.

Publishing any HYDEIST/HYDERoom photos, articles, etc. online, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited.