The 20th Orchestra Tour HYDE ROENTGEN 2021 special site has been updated with the following information.
●Information about official merch sales at each venue and online sales

●Information about the time of the merch pre-sales at the venue of Nakano Sunplaza Hall / Osaka ORIX Theater.


For more information, please visit the 20th Orchestra Tour HYDE ROENTGEN 2021 special site.

20th Orchestra Tour HYDE ROENTGEN 2021 special site:



Official merch sales



Chlorine dioxide anti-virus item "Bye Bye Boo" will be given to all attendees of the 20th Orchestra Tour HYDE ROENTGEN 2021!


Also, different designs of "Bye Bye Boo" will be sold as merch.
The HYDE x Bye Bye Boo merch will also have an original print on the neckpiece!


[What is Bye Bye Boo?]
Bye Bye Boo:

"Hope that everyone can enjoy the show safely as much as possible."
Bye Bye Boo was created with this wish.
This item uses chlorine dioxide space sterilization technology to remove viruses!
The effect lasts for 60 days from the time the package is opened, so you can use it in the live concert as well as on your daily commute to and from work/school.


[Gift design for attendees]


*A gift will be given to each attendee who comes to the 20th Orchestra Tour HYDE ROENTGEN 2021.


[Merch design]
¥2,200 each (tax included)
*Both sales at the venue and online order are available.



Information about merch sales at each venue and online sales

The following is information about the sales at each venue and online sales of the official 20th Orchestra Tour HYDE ROENTGEN 2021 merch.

Merch will be sold at the venues using the "HYDE LIVE GOODS" app.

With the "HYDE LIVE GOODS" app, you can create an order list of the merch you want to purchase in advance, and simply present the QR code screen at the cashier to place your order and make payment.
As measures to prevent the COVID-19 infection, it also helps minimize conversations with the staff.  If you are considering purchasing merch at the venue, please download the app.

*Please use this app to purchase merch at the venue in 2021.
*This is an app that creates an order list, and cannot be used for keeping the items, pre-pay, or online order. Therefore, there is a possibility that items placed on the order list will be sold out.
*We will inform you of the status of the items sold out on the day of the event on the app as needed.
*The app is linked to the registration information of the merch pre-order website used for HYDE LIVE 2020-2021 ANTI WIRE.  If you have already registered your credit card information on the website, the information will be transferred to your account. If you wish to change your credit card information, please do so on the app.
*Only credit card payments can be made on the app. If you wish to pay in cash, please do so at the merch counter.
*If you can't download the app, you can order directly at the merch counter, but only cash payment will be accepted.

Visit below to download the app.
Google Play:
App Store:

Recommended operating environment: iOS 12.4 or later, Android 6.0 or later, and Chrome 80 or later installed on the device
Please check the app for details on how to use it.

Payment method
●Credit Card Payment (VISA / Master / JCB / AMEX / Diners Club / Discover)
*Only credit cards registered in the "HYDE LIVE GOODS" app can be used.
●Cash payment on the day.

When you purchase merch at the venue, we ask for your cooperation in preventing the spread of the COVID-19 infection by wearing masks, maintaining a social distance, and refraining from talking with your friends, as well as following the instructions of the staff.

If there are too many people waiting in line at each venue, numbered tickets may be distributed to avoid crowding. Thank you in advance for your understanding.


About online order

Online sales will be available at HYDE ONLINE STORE from 6/25/2021 7:06PM (JST).

*Shipping is scheduled to take place within one month after the payment is completed.
*Please note that this is different from the VAMPROSE STORE.

For more information about payment methods and shipping, please visit the online store.
Click here for online sales:



Notes on sales at the venue and online sales


The number of items sold is limited.  Please understand if they are sold out.
The special gift of the "Fabric Poster (set of 2)" is the bonus for online pre-sales only.  Even if you purchase more than ¥20,000 n one order at the venue or through regular online sales, you will not receive the "Fabric Poster (set of 2)" as a gift.